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Another study of teens ages 14 to 17 confirmed what you likely already know to be true: Males reported masturbating more than females, and the frequency of masturbation among both sexes increased with age.

“Ghettomusick” jumped from gnarly Miami Bass pulses to a blunted Patti Labelle sample and back again, giving everybody getting down a breather; “Flip Flop Rock,” featuring Killer Mike and Jay-Z, ties Eddie Hazel guitar meandering around spare Timbaland-like bounce.

D., director of female sexual medicine program at Stanford Health Care.

It's one of the best ways to learn what turns you on, both for your own enjoyment and to share with your partner.

Big Boi’s disc is more focused than , holding tight to Dirty South 808 skitters and merging them with psychedelic rap.

It was safer (relatively speaking) and had less lows (and maybe more highs), yet it still wasn’t in-the-pocket Out Kast, either.

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