Sears policy on employee dating scientific fossil dating

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Last year our blog introduced a two part series to discuss how to handle the drama that can come along with workplace romances. Maybe you’re wondering what to do about those budding interoffice romances in your workplace?

What polices do you have in place in your organization? Since there are A LOT more of you reading the Integrity HR Human Resources Blog now than at this time last year, I would recommend visiting the aforementioned articles if you have not yet established an Interoffice Romance Policy in your employee handbook.

Fifer testified during his deposition that, during the time he was the manager of the Springfield store, he never heard of a policy pertaining to dating. Thus, the failure to discipline or discharge Schaertl is proof of unequal treatment based on sex. Sears is entitled to enforce a no-dating policy (if one exists) against supervisors, who by virtue of their managerial positions are expected to know better, rather than subordinates.

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