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The need to cheat shows a lack of knowledge that only cheating can rectify.Back when I was in a Toronto high school I had a friend that was not too good in math.Pampering your potential partner with quality gifts is something that works miracles in a relationship!Before you haunt yourself with what is a perfect gift for your companion make sure you analyze her likes and dislikes...So I am sitting down answering questions surreptitiously looking at the back of my calculator hoping that my teacher did not see me look.Then it dawned on me, I already know this stuff and looking at my calculator is slowing my down.You have heard the old adage cheaters never prosper I’m sure.

Andy had discovered that he could only get an erection by being beaten with a whip, and the beating had to be severe.Continue reading If you follow me and my games, you probably know by now that I have a weak spot for strong female characters (Loren, Tanya, etc).So naturally Sabrina is one of my favorite of this game! Continue reading Time to introduce the second male love interest of Love Bites, Tyrone!They were both black, and really close to each other, more like brothers than friends.As Elmore’s relationship with Sally blossomed he told me all about Andy. Although he was a tall, well-built and very handsome man he had never had sex with a woman.

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