Gridview rowupdating change new values

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It is possible that we can suggest appropriate an solution for your scenario. Thanks oh sorry, I've readed that is not possible in Row Validating. in Row Inserting this new value is not shown in the gridview row when I stop the insert process by setting e.

Thanks, Marion Thank you Marion, I want to do round an amount value if this value not is many times the package size - automatically - after the user accept the row and before I send the row to server. Edit Item Template's editor, you can get its reference via ASPx Grid View. Cancel = true; Hello Hermann, Can you please describe your scenario in greater detail?

If we move our mouse on to the variables, which hold the cell values, we can see the old value instead of new updated value (Refer the debugging Screen Shot at the Top).

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It looks like your source code is pretty close to the MSDN source code here.

Regards Hermann Hello Hermann, If you are using the built-in Edit Form's editors, it is possible to retrieve entered values via the e. After that, modify an entered value in a required manner (for instance, round the amount value), and set the modified value back to the e. Find Edit Row Cell Template Control and retrieve its value (if a custom Edit Form Template is used, you should get a reference to the editor via ASPx Grid View. In particular, why is it necessary to change entered values on the server side and cancel inserting / editing?

New Values["Field Name"] are changed in Row Validating method - but values shown in the gridview are not changed and e.

The difference between your code and the code on MSDN is: - The MSDN code takes the new data from the edited row and updates the appropriate data in the To me, this is garbage, because it's so highly coupled to the order of your cells.

If I had written the code, I would explicitly create all the front-end controls and use a binding command (if you aren't familiar, it looks like How should I create all front-end controls in the markup?

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