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But in the early 1950s local councils organised a mass clean-up at resorts across the country, and in 1954 Mc Gill was charged with publishing obscene images. Four of his cards were immediately banned and 17 withdrawn from sale.

James Bissell-Thomas, owner of the Donald Mc Gill Postcard Museum in Ryde on the Isle of Wight, which is showing the cards, said: 'What is startling is how innocent the majority of these "obscene" cards were.'It seemed to be a bit of a witch-hunt.

Please consider selling your collections or single items to us so that we can offer the most complete history of Thomas Stevens. Malcolm The Financial Reformer - "Seven years ago, it would have been impossible for this country to have produced such looms, or such work" - Aug 1st 1870 Journal of Society of Arts - South Kensington Exhibition..."Mr Stevens evidently possesses a restless spirit not easily subdued and if the tide threatens to leave him for a time, he digs out a new channel for himself and thus he has created a trade peculiarly his own.

I was born in Coventry and was there when the Stevens factory was bombed during the Second World War. I have taken unusual interest in his productions, not only in the goods but in the looms producing them and I find that to make a 'Forester's Scarf' as exhibited, 2 1/2 yards long and 6 1/4 inches wide, requires the use of 16,000 perforated cards to make the figure which is 15 inches long and for the plain part 14,000 cards, making a total of 30,000 cards.

Below you find our own 30 original vintage photos and postcards plus some photos taken from the above publications in our collection.

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Saucy postcards featuring heaving bosoms, henpecked husbands, miserable wives and captions loaded with double entendres were as much part of the fun as candy floss and donkey rides.

Oman is located on the South East corner of the Arabian peninsula bordered by the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the Gulf of Oman.

For more details on this website and Oman select BACKGROUND in the top bar of this web-page.

Consequently I have a great personal interest in this bit of history. The number of threads in the warp of each scarf is 1,800 and there are 15 different colours in the shutes: the numbers are multiplied by the number of pieces being made at once; so that if 10 pieces were making, 18,000 threads of warp would be in the loom.

Hence the involved and to the untrained eye, the inextricable confusion of threads, as shown in the harness of the loom".

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