Dating in the peace corps

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Through regular Skype dates they’ve become the ultimate digital couple, maintaining their love across oceans. “I’m not surprised this happened so quickly,” said Shelly Zenner, co-founder of i Heart Volunteers.

After several minutes of socializing, the wavy, dark-haired female volunteer said something along the lines of, “Yeah, my boyfriend can help get a phone working here.” The topic of relationships in these volunteers’ circumstance is always interesting, because they’re away from home (so maybe in a long distance relationship with someone back home).

Chris blogged about his attempt at being service minded.

It was harder than he expected :-) We sent out our soft-launch press release.

article titled, "7 Businesses Started By Volunteers That Will Make You Want To Join The Peace Corps". Listen Here We put together and ad for Minnesota Public Radio!

Good News Network posted an article about first wedding! We know DC has a lot of volunteers, which is why we have an ad campaign running on American University Radio!

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