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Singapore ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1988(OCo LC)597673711Online version: Brown, Roxanna M. this is one of the best references for those collecting SEAsian ceramics particularly Thai, Vietnamese, and Khmer.

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Origins and dating ; Chalieng wares ; Mon and Mon-associated wares ; 'Transitional' underglaze iron decorated wares ; Later chronology ; The old Sukhothai kilns ; Later Sawankhalok stonewares ; Later stoneware shapes ; Characteristics of decoration ; External influences ; The rebirth of celadon -- The northern and other Thai kilns.

These were often difficult to date accurately because little of the ceramic ware remained intact and sites were often in use for hundreds of years so that it was hard to pinpoint what kind of ceramics were current at a particular time.

There was a particular question that began to interest specialists as early as the 1950s: whether or not the antiforeign Ming dynasty in China (1368 to 1644) had succeeded in its efforts to curtail Chinese trade with the outside world.

Guangdong wares ; The Tak/Omkoi burial sites ; New findings at Sawankhalok ; Gulf of Thailand sunken ships -- Vietnamese ceramics.

Recent archaeology in Vietnam ; The Han Period ; The imtermediary wares ; The Ly Dynasty Period ; The Ly-Period chronology (AD 1009-1225) ; Early exported wares ; The introduction of blue-and-white ; The fifteenth and sixteenth centuries ; The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries ; Domestic cult wares ; The modern period -- The Go-Sanh kilns -- Khmer wares.

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