Accomodating intraocular

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As a scholar, a doctor, a scientist and a top Los Angeles ophthalmologist, he brings innovation and vision to every part of his work.And those who benefit the most from his dedication? Most people agree…vision is the most important communication sense.

As the internal muscles of the eye contract during periods of reading, the visual portion of the lens is moved forward shifting ones’ focus to the near tasks.

Anecdotal reports of cataracts shortly after LASIK, even in relatively young patients, suggest a cause and effect relationship.

Moreover, steriod drops routinely prescribed after LASIK may hasten the onset of cataracts.

Read more about the importance of the K-card below. Request your LASIK medical records from the surgeon (alternatively, you can print this form (K-card), and have it completed by your LASIK surgeon) and take them with you to the cataract surgeon.

WARNING: Do not fall for the marketing hype surrounding "multi-focal", "accomodating", or "premium" intraocular lenses.

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