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Then define a "norm" on this space as is usual in the non-negative case: $\| f\| = (\int|f|^dx)^$.

If $f$ is equal to zero on a set of positive measure it makes sense to interpret the integral as having an infinite value, which would make the "norm" equal zero.

I'd love to get feedback or ideas on how to make the graphics more compelling.

Continue Started by Katherine Jacobs in GRAPHICS 1 hour ago. When I search about seat wall or plaza bench, i've found like these images.i don't know the name of this(mark) and what this is used for. please let me know~ …Continue Started by Jaeyoung Kim in DETAILS & MATERIALS. Trump promises a lot of deregulation, a lot of infrastructure building, jobs, economic growth, and, he's an experienced developer... …Continue Tags: Trump, politics, President Started by ida in GENERAL DISCUSSION. I have a passion for public green open space design but don't have much experience in this type of project.

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Lebesgue spaces have applications in physics, statistics, finance, engineering, and other disciplines. Techniques which use an L1 penalty, like LASSO, encourage solutions where many parameters are zero.

Techniques which use an L2 penalty, like ridge regression, encourage solutions where most parameter values are small.

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